24/7 Trauma Counselling Centre (Bronwyn Taylor)

Registered Counsellor

PRC 0029556

PR 8100000676101

24/7 Emergency Number: 064 685 9474

Email: 247.traumacounselling@gmail.com

Physical Address: Lougardia building; Suite 308 B; Embankment Ave 1262; Centurion; 0157

GPS Coordinates:  S 25º51’18”/ E 28º11’07”


The role of the Registered Counsellor (Registered with the HPCSA) is to make psychological services accessible to the diverse South African population and to provide psychological and preventative interventions that focus on support and promote the enhancement of well being in community contexts. This includes individuals, families, groups, communities and excludes psychotherapeutic intervention. Registered Counselors differ from other categories of psychology in that their primary function is to prevent, promote, intervene, and appropriately refer. Their primary role at a preventative and promotional level involves screening and engaging early and appropriate levels of intervention.

The 24/7 Trauma Counselling Center is based in Centurion however due to mobility we are able to travel within limits if need be. Due to the cost effectiveness, our services are available to all socio-economic groups and patients can claim back from their medical aids. The 24/7 Trauma Center offers containment and support in short term for a variety of occupations, institutions and communities. The 24/7 Trauma Counselling Centre see’s clients of all ages for various different problems and services.


•Emergency / Acute Trauma Counselling (Individual and group) –

•Screening and containment for e.g. PTSD / stress-related Disorder etc.

•Psychological testing – Personality factors, career counselling, Intelligence testing

•School readiness and Aptitude assessments

•Play therapy for children after exposure to trauma.

•Subject choice assessment and career Counselling

•Psycho-educational workshops (bullying, protective behaviour etc.)

•Anger management, stress management, impulse control etc. (skills training)

•Death – Bereavement and grief counselling (Containment and Debriefing for hu-man and animal loss)

•Divorce and Family counselling and Mediation